DTM Bypass Tool V1.0.0 Android Rom Patcher Remove FRP + Screen Lock + LG Mcafee

DTM Bypass Tool All Android Remove Screen Lock + FRP +LG  Mcafee

 DTM Bypass Tool V1.0.0 Auto Patch Android Rom For Bypass FRP + Screenlock + Mcafee Without Damage Securety                                               

        Option                                                                                       Types                                                               
  • Patch ROM Remove FRP For                                                (img,tar,tar.md5,zip,app,kdz,tot) 
  • Patch ROM Remove Screen Lock Without loss data                   (img,tar,tar.md5,zip,app,kdz,tot)
  • Patch ROM Remove Screen Lock Without loss data (SystemUI)   (img,tar,tar.md5,zip,app,kdz,tot)
  • Patch ROM Remove Screen Lock without loss data  (Samsung)     (img,ext4,lz4,tar,tar.md5)
  • Patch ROM Remove FRP (Samsung) Sec 2014 - 2019                 (img,ext4,lz4,tar,tar.md5)
  • Patch ROM Remove Mcafee Securety (LG)                                 (kdz,tot)
  • Remove Patches From Firmware Rom (Restore Officall)
  • Direct Flash system.img /ext4/lz4 Samsung
  • Reset FRP + Fix Setupwizard (ADB Mode)

How To Use

  1. Choose the appropriate flash File for your device (It should be the same version installed in your phone)
  2. Select Choose an operation And Click Start 
  3. Wait for the process to finish (usually one or three minutes)
  4. The tool will show the modified output file
  5. Flash Output Firmware By any Flash program or box
  • You must choose the same version found on the phone (if you want to know the version installed in your device, just enter into the restore mode and you will see the model number at the top)

  • When working to remove the screen lock, you must consider excluding (userdata + cache + CSC in Odin) To avoid losing files, you can do so via any box

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